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Company Culture

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Company culture
Brand positioning: Build the high-end brand in the smart wearable industry;
Yinsu Slogan: Wear style, wear technology;
Yinsu Promise: Excellent products, high-quality services, preferential prices;
Yinsu Target: Make Yinsu Smart Watch to the wearable products benchmark;
Yinsu strategy: technology-based, product-based, service-based business;
Quality purpose: quality first, customer first, win-win sharing;
Cultural purpose: honesty, pragmatism, innovation, and win-win;
Service tenet: Provide perfect service, sell high-quality products, and build a first-class brand;
Service criteria: enthusiasm, thoughtful, fast, accurate and safe;
Management goal: to condense the enthusiasm of all the staff of the company, provide customers with a full range of services, and build a first-class brand of smart watches in China.

Corporate Mission
In the condition of fierce market competition, we humbly learn, learn from the essence, and continue to move forward in challenges with first-class products and high-quality services; we use rigorous and efficient management to create a high-quality enterprise, and continue to innovate and move forward steadily. , Sustained development.

Corporate Positioning
Business branding: Since its establishment, Yinsu has been focusing on high-quality brand products that are competitive in domestic and foreign markets in terms of operating performance and quality.
Quality standardization: Yinsu pursues the principle of "survive by quality" and insists on selecting products that have passed international product certification and international quality system certification to ensure that it provides high-quality products.
Extensive market: Yinsu actively expands its global market and sales network. Our customers not only cover many provinces, cities and regions in China, but also have many foreign customers.
Comprehensive service: Soundspeed has always been unremittingly implementing the business philosophy of “excellent products, preferential policies, and high-quality services”. In pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and all links, we provide users with all-round, multi-level, fast and thoughtful services. Provides a strong guarantee for users to supply timely. The company's main products include various types of smart watches, smart bracelets and other products, and a professional brand service network, with stable and guaranteed service quality.

Core values
Oriented by customer needs, think about what customers think, eager for customer needs, and actively help customers solve problems; constantly create new service models, with good products and good services, to help customers continue to create new competitive advantages and win customers Loyalty, so as to establish a long-term cooperative partnership.
Focus on customers: Always consider problems from the perspective of customers, actively explore customer needs, and constantly exceed customer expectations.
Quick response: never prevaricate and delay the questions raised by customers, and give a clear answer at the first time.
Consistent: Treat customers consistently, communicate with customers patiently and gently at all times, and provide good service.

Company Vision
People-oriented, customer demand-oriented, to create top-notch brands of smart wearable devices such as smart watches and smart bracelets in China.

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